Robert Wilkinson (Graphic Designer & Project Manager)

Robert Wilkinson

Project Manager, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Administrative Marketing & Graphic Designer, Event Planning Coordinator.

Robert Wilkinson’s Overview


  • PM  Event Planning Coordinator, Social Marketing Specialist.


Driven and prepared, as an “ENTJ” personality I bring a balanced approach to blending organizational strategy, creativity, and technical know-how to every project.

My degree is in Business Management & Administration along with 12+ years as an Project Manager Executive for a successful multilevel organization. I’m a powerfully energetic Event Coordinator and Marketing Dir that has developed added specialties as a driven effective force in Social Media Marketing.

I’m a well organized, effective PM practicing the proven GTD (Getting Things Done) system for improved productivity for our project’s goals.

As PM my strengths & experience are in strategically bringing together & leading multiple departments in achieving your company’s goals. Leading successfully from the planning stage to managing stage. Organizing your projects needs from brainstorming, to creating business process modeling, Personal Branding, to quality management and much more…

As Social Media Specialist my driving goal is to lead your organization into the future through the dynamics of Special Events & Social Network Media Marketing. Generating a bond between the goals of your company through your people and your public, as well as creating potential long-term clients by actively getting their lives involved. I effectively deliver exceptional outcomes by achieving a harmony between creativity + commerce with every undertaking.

Bridging social life & the virtual world together with your business:
I will turn Marketing Change into your Competitive Advantage, by leading your organization into the future today through Special Events & Social Network Marketing.

Today’s marketing is beyond a monologue. You must reach out and directly interact with your market in a many number of strategically targeted ways. My strength’s are in understanding those ways specifically by staying equipped to materialize them, insightfully keeping current in the latest social marketing & networking technologies, & implementing them all in your favor as project manager.


Project Manager/Event Coordinator & Social Media Marketing Exec:

  • Expertise range from GTD Project Management to designing & utilizing branded content and implementing Social Marketing led through Social Events and Social Networks.
  • Keenly developed PM specialties in leading your company’s projects from start to finish.
  • ENTJ personality gives me the personal edge for attention to detail & the organization needed to GTD & keep the balance of creativity in the lines of function & profit.



Robert Wilkinson’s Additional Information


Greater Atlanta Area



  • Currently looking for a new long term position (willing to relocate)
  • PMP, Event Planning Coordinator, Social Marketing Specialist at Freelance
  • Graphic Designer/Content Developer/Code Wrangler at Freelance / Graphic Design Services


  • Events Planning-Coordinator, PM & Office Administration at Lake View Academy
  • Event Coordinator/Project Coordinator at 2009 Lakeview Academy
  • Advertising Artist & Photographer at Invetro IT & Design
  • Graphics Artist/Web Designer at Invetro IT & Web Design
  • Partner/Working Manager at JW Cleanning Co.


  • Kennesaw State University (currently in task)
  • PMI Institute (currently in task)
  • Penn Foster
  • Smart Certify

Public Profiles


Volunteering/virtual volunteering, new technology, management training techniques, investing, extreme programming, digital photography, graphic arts, community theater, professional networking, usability research, strategic planning, international travel, gourmet cooking, fishing, new adventures, writing, investing,

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Personal Information

Contact Settings

Please feel free to contact me anytime:
Phone: 678-701-7809 /

Interested In

  • career opportunities
  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • job inquiries
  • expertise requests
  • business deals
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch

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6 responses to “Robert Wilkinson (Graphic Designer & Project Manager)”

  1. Anne Akey says :

    You are the best and most pleasant person to have worked with,helping me get done what needs to get done. Your designs are the best I have ever seen,and I appreciate all you did to help me and my business out.
    You are very thorough,and made sure everything was to my satisfaction before the project was complete. I have already recommended you to several people I know that are looking for the best web designer out there.

  2. Lizy Campbell says :

    It was a great pleasure working alongside you Robert! Very experienced in helping me put together my web page.
    Very neat and well thought out designs. Cares a lot about the customers needs and makes it happen.
    Definitely one of the best I have ever worked with. Got things done fast and efficiently.
    Very happy with the end result.
    Would highly recommend him for any job that is needed next time as well.

  3. Julia says :

    I greatly appreciate your swift response to my initial inquiry into what you may offer for my future logo and website! I feel your knowledge and creativity will work perfect for what I am looking for. After speaking with you, I am even more excited and look forward to working with you!

  4. Peggie Hoskins says :

    Robert, you do amazing work! I highly recommend your work and look forward to working with you again! Thanks for doing such a great job!

  5. L Schumann says :

    Was really great working with you Robert.

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